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Hey! I’m Orlie and welcome to my virtual kitchen. Like most other bakers, I grew up in my kitchen and from a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be a baker.

Growing up my mom was always in the kitchen and taking care of the house. I would always help her in the kitchen in any way I could; whether it was cooking something, or baking or just being her sous chef. Whenever I would come home from school, my mom and I would watch cooking shows for hours. I would always prefer watching a baking show over a cooking show though. I just find it way more satisfying to watch someone create a gorgeous masterpiece of a cake instead of watching someone cook steak and potatoes.

I grew up in a strictly kosher household. That being said, most of the desserts I baked were parve (dairy-free). This way we were able to indulge in our baked treats after having a meat dinner. For those of you who don’t know, we would wait between 3 to 6 hours after having poultry or meat to eat dairy. We didn’t want to put ourselves through any temptation, so we made everything dairy-free.

There were more men than women in my house, having two older brothers, every dessert request I got would revolve around chocolate. My brothers always wanted my brownies, and my dad never cared about what I made as long as it was chocolate. Because of that, I didn’t get to be very creative with my desserts until I had a kitchen of my own. 

The first few months after moving out of my parents' house, I baked SO MUCH! I was so excited to finally bake different things and be more creative. Also, my husband and I tend to eat mostly dairy, so baking dairy desserts was no longer an issue. It’s also a little more fun being able to use butter and all the different kinds of chocolate chips imaginable. 

When my husband and I were engaged, he was gluten-free for a little bit. Before I met him, I had never made anything gluten-free before. I didn’t even know if the recipes would be different with gluten-free flour. I did some research and started making some gluten-free desserts for him. Now, more and more people I know are gluten-free. This is why you’ll end up seeing a lot of my recipes have this option, as well as a dairy-free option. 


All of my recipes are kosher, as long as you buy kosher products of course. You’ll be surprised at how many ingredients you already have in your kitchen that are kosher. 


You can find my recipes on Kosher.com

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